Everyone is welcome, whatever your level of fitness, whatever your level of experience, and age is absolutely no barrier. You don't have to be able to touch your toes or to be able to bend yourself like a pretzel to start - in fact saying you're not flexible enough to do yoga is a bit like saying you're too dirty to have a bath! Yoga is never competitive - each person works at their own level and pace; yoga is adaptable for each unique body.

What to expect

All classes start with a warm-up and limbering in preparation for a variety of yoga postures (asana), and there’s usually a quiet moment early on to ensure we’re all grounded, centred, and fully prepared for the practice; breathing exercises (pranayama) are often incorporated here. Most of the session comprises a planned – usually themed – series of poses designed to gradually build up greater strength, balance, and flexibility, and there are often a few techniques included to ease and strengthen the lower back. Most people find their attention naturally moves inward as they practise, so the guided relaxation towards the end of the session seems a logical progression after the physical practice. Some people are content to simply enjoy the relaxation, while for others it is a more mindful meditative time. How you approach the class, and what you take from it is entirely up to you; you participate at your own pace, and progress at your own rate. It’s your time.



13:00 – 21:00

Appointments available for one-to-one sessions. Please contact me for availability.

11:15 – 12:15

Drop-in class, all abilities at FlowMotion.Life. Olde Englishe Road, Matlock. Drop-in £7.00

09:15 - 10:45

Hatha Yoga (for those with some experience) at the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock. £7.50 drop-in

13:00 – 21:00

Appointments available for one-to-one sessions. Please contact me for availability.

Drop-in class at FlowMotion.Life

Gentle Holistic Hatha Yoga suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome. Mats and equipment available*.

Hatha Yoga at the Imperial Rooms, Matlock:

A class best suited to those with some experience of yoga, although open also to those with reasonable fitness and good awareness of their own body's abilities and limitations. The classes are Hatha-based, quite traditional but with lots of variety in asana (postures), and regular focus on pranayama (breathwork), and occasional mudra and mantra practice; there's always a good long guided relaxation / meditation too. 6-week blocks form the basis of this class, throughout which we explore a theme in depth. Drop-in places often available, but please contact me to make sure there is a space.

One to one sessions

An individually tailored session that reflects exactly the yoga you want or need. Ideal for beginners who feel they would benefit from learning the basics before starting regular classes, or for those who feel they would like more personalised teaching, or who want to know more about a particular aspect of yoga. These sessions can be in the dedicated yoga studio at my home, or – if you have suitable space – I can travel to you, bringing equipment where necessary. Following the session you will also receive a personalised yoga practice plan to follow at home between visits.

Prices: £30 for 60-minute session; £40 for 90-minute session. Travel charge (only if more than 5 miles from my home) 50p per mile.

Cancellation policy

For one-to-one classes, full fee will be charged for bookings cancelled without 24 hours’ notice at my discretion. Broadly this means if you forgot, or didn’t feel like turning up, you should expect to pay. However, I’m prepared to be fair if there is a good reason behind your non-appearance, or if I’m able to re-book your place.

*What do I need to bring / wear?

You don’t need lots of expensive equipment to do yoga. You’ll need to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movements, and bring a small blanket or towel to pad your head or knees, and to keep you warm during relaxation at the end. A bottle of water might be handy, and if you have a yoga mat, please bring it (a camping mat is ideal, but if you have neither, I have plenty of spare mats). Try not to eat a big meal just before the class – a couple of hours after eating is best. I will provide yoga bricks, blocks, and belts.

Call me for a chat if you have any questions (07780 987934), or text, or send a message via my Facebook page – Jules at Keystone Yoga. I’m always happy to talk about yoga!

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

I love yoga because:

  • It is for everyone – yoga has no boundaries, no age limit, and there’s no competition
  • Yoga is non-judgmental, non-threatening, and open – it’s friendly and welcoming
  • It allows each of us to find our own pace – in yoga we can all work at our own level
  • Yoga strengthens, balances, and tones your body
  • It reduces stress and anxiety – yoga sharpens mental clarity, and calms your mind
  • Yoga protects your spine, joints, and cartilage
  • It is a peaceful sanctuary – yoga is time away from a busy demanding world
  • Yoga improves flexibility, mobility, and agility
  • Yoga is restful and yet at the same time energising
  • You get to have a long, relaxing lie-down at the end of each session!

So why not come and join me?


Matlock, Derbyshire
Phone: 07780 987934