If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

T Krishnamacharya

I love yoga because:

  • It is for everyone – yoga has no boundaries, no age limit, and there’s no competition
  • Yoga is non-judgmental, non-threatening, and open – it’s friendly and welcoming
  • It allows each of us to find our own pace – in yoga we can all work at our own level
  • Yoga strengthens, balances, and tones your body
  • It reduces stress and anxiety – yoga sharpens mental clarity, and calms your mind
  • Yoga protects your spine, joints, and cartilage
  • It is a peaceful sanctuary – yoga is time away from a busy demanding world
  • Yoga improves flexibility, mobility, and agility
  • Yoga is restful and yet at the same time energising
  • You get to have a long, relaxing lie-down at the end of each session!

So why not come and join me?


Matlock, Derbyshire
Phone: 07780 987934
Email: jules@keystoneyoga.co.uk